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January 2010

Greg Clifford

We are pleased to advise that Greg has transferred to the teaching staff of Bellerbys College, at its London Headquarters.  Greg is delivering courses in Business Studies, Marketing, Operations Management and Law.


March 2009

Berlin School of Economics

We successfully delivered our Effective Communications course as a Management Skills component of the MBA in General Management (Dual-Award) at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

June 2008

Greg Clifford

We are pleased to advise that Greg has joined Embassy CES, at its London Headquarters.  Greg is teaching both Business English and General English. Embassy CES is part of Study Group and is internationally recognised as a premier English Language Training institution.


March 2007


We recently delivered our Effective Communications Presentation Skills course to selected members of KSB AG in Frankenthal, Germany. This was the first time that this course had been delivered to non-native speakers and it was judged to be both very successful and useful by the participants.

December 2006


We recently worked for a week with members of the Sales and Marketing Team from KSB AG in Frankenthal. We again worked on Presentation Skills training, including video review and feedback, and provided localisation services for supporting PowerPoint presentations.

October 2006

Further Training with KSB Ltd

We delivered another successful two-day Communications Skills training session with members of the sales team from KSB Limited at their Loughborough, UK offices.

August 2006

New Course: Effective Communication and Presentation Skills

We are pleased to launch a new course, "Effective Communication and Presentation Skills", which combines the best elements of our proven Presentation Skills training with added emphasis on Non-Verbal Communication skills.  Preview the new course content here.

Training with KSB Ltd

We delivered a successful two-day training session with selected members of the sales team from KSB Limited at their Loughborough, UK offices.  This intensive training acknowledges KSB's commitment to the need for Effective Communication in business.

July 2006

KSB AG visit

We recently visited KSB AG in Frankenthal, Germany for a week's series of successful training, focusing on business language skills and presentation skills. We worked with a number of candidates representing different areas of the KSB business, with the training devised on an individual basis.

June 2006

KSB AG Language Group visits London

Brigitte Kaspar, Frank Wenzel, Monika Haunschild, Graham Manton (KSB UK), Jochen Diehl (KSB UK), Petra Lichius, Stefan Friedrich, Rainer Wehmann

We are pleased to have been involved in the coordination and training exercises with a number of colleagues from KSB AG based in Frankenthal, Germany. A group, led by Frank Wenzel, visited the UK for the week of May 8-14, 2006 for a language immersion experience. This involved language training exercises in the mornings as well as a successful day trip to visit their UK corporate operations in Loughborough. This proved to be a particularly useful exercise, as it it gave them the opportunity to meet with their UK counterparts and discuss their job functions, using their English skills in a live work environment.

For further information about Frank, please check our About Us page.