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Advanced Training

Advanced Training

Our intensive one-to-one immersion sessions provide the most challenging training for students with exceptional needs. This accelerated training can be provided in any of our core business disciplines, or in the use of vernacular English. Current language skills may also be optimised for particular situations, such as use in a social context or for high-level negotiating.

We adopt the same approach as in our Core Training, using a variety of techniques and resources which are developed and closely aligned to meet the candidate's specific needs. Care is taken to focus not only on the development of appropriate English vocabulary, but also the use of the language in its proper context. Equal consideration is given to core written, spoken, listening and reading components.

Our training materials are individually tailored to reflect a candidate's area of business expertise. Our goal is to send candidates back into the work environment with practical Business English skills which they can immediately integrate into their day-to-day activities.

In addition, courses may be produced for specific examination goals such as the UCLES (Cambridge suite) examinations or other specialist language certifications such as the Cambridge ILEC (International Legal English Certificate).