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Presentation Skills in English (Standard/Advanced)

Course Title

Presentation Skills in English (Standard/Advanced)

Course Object

This workshop will assist competent English-speakers (Intermediate level and above = CEF Level B1 and above) to learn and adopt appropriate language and skills for giving business presentations in English.


This course may be tailored to meet the specific needs of candidates with special employment backgrounds or requirements (e.g. legal, financial, human resources, sales and marketing) adopting language and terminology appropriate to that area.

Course Content

The standard course will focus on:

  • The basics of presenting in English
  • How to structure a presentation in English
  • Identifying and engaging with your audience
  • Use of appropriate language to introduce, develop and conclude a presentation
  • Use of link words and phrases to assist in the flow of a presentation
  • How to introduce and effectively use pictures and graphical data
  • Handling problem questions and interjections
  • Time management

In addition, the course may also extend to:

  • Specific language needs for presenting technical information
  • Presentation strategies to maintain audience attention
  • Cross-cultural issues, when presenting to diverse groups

Candidates may also be required to prepare a comprehensive presentation (15-20 mins) outside of class time for delivery on the last day of the course. This may include preparing notes and/or PowerPoint slides to supplement the presentation.

Teaching Methods

This course is taught is in an interactive environment with candidates providing mini-presentations (5-10 mins) throughout the training sessions to build up their skills. Candidates will assess each other for the clarity and content of presentations and will also be provided with feedback by the trainer. There will be several opportunities for mini-presentations, focusing on the different areas under study.

Course Dates

As required.


2 days or 3 days as required.


Workshops may be delivered at your corporate site or in London depending on your needs.