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Cross-Cultural Awareness

Cross-cultural Training

No organisation which operates successfully in today's global market can afford to underestimate the value of different cultural approaches to doing business.  We can provide you with an understanding of cultural barriers when dealing with multi-cultural groups in English.  Our interactive workshops will enable you to sharpen your skills to successfully recognise and address different cultural behaviours from your own.

Our comprehensive cross-cultural training addresses the complex relationships between the business and social aspects of other cultures. We provide practical advice on business manners, negotiations and meetings and highlight the differences in doing business in different countries. We also focus on the value of social behaviour and how this directly affects business relationships. Our training may be delivered with a particular purpose in mind, for example a trade delegation visiting another country.

Training is conducted in an interactive format where candidates are actively encouraged to share their personal experiences with the trainer and each other and to practice and develop their skills in a small-group environment.

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