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Editorial Service

Editorial Service

The subtleties of choice available in English vocabulary, style, tone and context can prove overwhelming for a non-native speaker. Our comprehensive editorial service reviews material written in English, and can assist you by ensuring it meets the professional standards expected by a native speaker.

This service can be provided on either an advance review basis (where material is forwarded to us) or as a "live" review, where we work with you in person or online to rapidly review time critical content. A selection of our services to date in this area includes:

  • Review and localise materials for an Economic Consultancy producing regular key papers for its clients.
  • Top-level editorial review for Presentations to be made by members to Global Board and Strategy meetings.
  • Review, translation and adoption of equivalent English for complex technical installation manuals for use by English speaking engineers. We also worked personally with German engineers to ensure their technical English was suitable for extended client-site visits (test and acceptance procedures).
  • Assisted with the localisation of sales and marketing materials to ensure maximum English fluency and impact.
  • Revised Minutes of Global HR Meetings for worldwide circulation.
  • Reviewed technical articles for publication in English versions of various in-house magazines.