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Presentation Skills Workshops

Presentation Skills Workshops

Our real-life simulations and practical tips encourage appropriate language use in all areas of presentations, including the planning and giving of presentations in English. Learn how to confidently deal with presenting technical information, interjections and difficult questions. Training materials are developed to be appropriate for both you and your area of business.

Our workshops are offered in two different formats (standard and advanced), depending on the level of content and detail desired. The advanced course provides a challenging opportunity to extend language skills and will particularly appeal to the more fluent speaker.

In general, the standard workshop addresses the following: structuring a presentation, audience awareness and engagement, introductions, content, closings, dealing with interjections, questions and time management. Particular emphasis is placed on using appropriate language and the adoption of suitable link phrases to ensure a natural flow. Equal attention is given to both the written and the spoken elements of presentations.

Our advanced workshop allows more time to introduce key concepts in depth and to revisit any areas of interest that candidates may have identified as significant.


  • Maximum group size of 6
  • Fully customised training materials
  • Course duration: 2 days full-time (standard) or 3 days full-time (advanced)
  • Training in-house or London based

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